Sleep is NOT Optional

Teens need an average of 9.25 hours of sleep each night, and the majority of adolescents get an average of 7 hours of sleep per night, and 1/4 get six hours or less. Sleep is so so important in 2 main ways. Sleep is NEEDED for your physical and mental health. It also is really important in regards to school and learning, because sleep consolidates  and stabilizes what you have been learning in school, and so you need sleep in order to learn and process new information.



Here’s a quote from the National Sleep Foundation, in the article, Backgrounder: Later School Start Times, “The roots of the problem include poor teen sleep habits that do not allow for enough hours of quality sleep; hectic schedules with afterschool activities and jobs, homework hours and family obligations; and a clash between societal demands, such as early school start times, and biological changes that put most teens on a later sleep-wake clock. As a result, when it is time to wake up for school, the adolescent’s body says it is still the middle of the night, and he or she has had too little sleep to feel rested and alert.”



Many schools are starting to make a change, in the students best interest. They are trying to synchronize their start and end times with the students body clock, so that students are at school at their most alert hours, and getting the full academic potential out of the student. Students can’t function without sleep. Sleep is not optional, it is biologically necessary!!



Look how content the well rested sleepers look!!



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