“Race to Nowhere”

Race To Nowhere is a 2009 documentary written by Maimone Attia and directed by Vicki Abeles and Jessica Congdon. It is about the pressures of school, homework, and extra curricular activities. The idea for this film came from Abeles’s personal experience, her middle-school daughter became physically sick and was diagnosed with a stress-induced illness. Yes, you may say that doesn’t guarantee that school is what stressed her out, but Vicki Abeles made many changes at home, yet still nothing changed. She began to talk to other students and parents and began to hear the same problems over and over again about the current educational system. This inspired her to make a change and give a voice to the current system that has to ability to effect way more than the mental sanity of this generations students. You may think of students as dumb little kids, but once they become of age to start working, they are in control of a lot and their lack of a good education could alter economic growth and the increase of high school dropouts could lead to not enough people to fill high paid positions requiring a high education.


Race to Nowhere is still a very active campaign. Visit their website here.


Click here for the “Contact” page on their website!

Frustrated student 400x200

Race to Nowhere is based on the same idea as our campaign, the faults of the United States school system.





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